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Stay up to date about Steemgar

If you have lower resolution than full HD, try zooming out.

Read the rules before playing!

Press F11 to go full screen for the best possible experience!

Those in Africa or Asia might have unplayable experience in Steemgar, this is already known, for those in question our advice is to check back later once Steemgar has gone through major revision work. Thank you for patience.

Having problems with lag? Try downloading driverbooster and updating all your drivers.

Getting error after finishing in top 5? Clear your browser cache once a week. For unknown reasons few players are having trouble with Steemconnect, this action should help most.

Thanks to support from @cryptoctopus our top 5 gets to enjoy high rewards. The trail votes will come 30 minutes after creation of winning messages so there is time to gain good curation bonuses from voting before that.

Follow trail from @steemgartrail on steemauto.com if you also want to support this service and reward the winners.

Spread the word about Steemgar! More players will mean it's likely we'll see support also from other whales, meaning even higher rewards for you!


Keys and tips to get you started

  • Move your mouse on the screen to move your character.
  • You can also use space to shoot half of your mass forward, this can be used to eat smaller players for example.
  • Press W to fire single pellets of mass. This can save you from many tough situations!
  • Eat food and other players in order to grow your character.
  • Objective: Become the biggest player and survive to the end.
  • Every match has time limit of 7 minutes.
  • Match ends once time limit is reached.


These apply to as you use Steemgar service

  • Teamplay of any kind is not allowed! Sharing information, not killing someone when you could and so on.
  • Cursing,namecalling etc. is not allowed! Keep the chats clean and community healthy and happy! Fun comes first.
  • Steemgar should be fair for all. Do not intentionally feed other players no matter what as this will ruin the experience for everyone.


How do they work and how to help Steemgar grow and ensure longevity

  • Top 5 players at the end of the match will automatically create messages to the match announcement post.
  • 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th positions will be rewarded only if they survive to the end of the match!
  • Rewards come as an form of upvotes from Steemgar and its supporters, which then can be claimed after 7 days as Steem Power and Steem Dollars.
  • To grow Steemgar bigger and more popular, and player rewards along with it, consider upvoting the top 5 and @steemplayroom as a support.
  • You can also join the voting(curation) trail lead by @steemgartrail at www.steemauto.com or just delegate SP to @steemplayroom.
  • If you have been voted by @steemplayroom and @steemgartrail accounts, you have been rewarded by Steemgar service!
  • The rest of the rewards (majority right now) comes from people supporting Steemgar through trail, so sometimes you might not see the rewards you'd expect as their voting power might be running low. This is out of Steemgar's control!
  • This is something that will change over time as @Steemplayroom grows in power. To help combat this, we need bigger community, more players and more support from whales. You can help!
  • Your main way of helping is through spreading the word about Steemgar. Thank you.


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